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Meet Your Coach 

Car Girl Explained

Carrington J. Cowart - C.J. - CarGirl


Born and raised in small town Arkansas I always kind of struggled to find where I was meant to fit.  With pure luck, I met my husband, Beau, and found a career path. Our family was completed with 4 Corgis, a horse, and a mini cow.


I started my career in the car business at 18 years old, it is a sink or swim business. I started as a sales person and was moved up to management. I love the business, I am good at it.


I was unexpectedly let go by a dealership in May 2020 due to COVID. I started making TikToks about the car buying process. I soon discovered the average person did not know the steps to purchasing a vehicle. No one teaches you how to buy a car! 

I launched my business as a private automotive consultant!  Until now there has been no one besides the dealer to answer your questions. And those interests do not align. I am disrupting the gatekeeping of the car buying process. 

You don't buy a house by you?

One car deal at a time. 

No B.S. Here,

Just Confident Car Buyers

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