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Full Service Car Negotiation

Ever wanted to have someone in your ear feeding you the information and steps to make sure you cross all the T's and dotted the I's. This ones for you. 


Most of us are uncomfortable buying a car because we do not understand the ins and outs. Confidence is a game changer in negotiations. You gain that confidence by KNOWING what, where, when, and why. That part is my job.   You take me to the dealership no matter where you are. From trying to decide on a make and model to signing on the dotted line, I am there with you. FOR you. First step is scheduling a consult. 


“I haven't met many people in my ENTIRE life that are as dedicated. Her expertise is astounding"


"CJ has brought me a sense of calm and confidence during this very stressful car buying process. Because of her, we got an extra $2k on my trade-in."


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